Marc Rigelsfor a pop icon is the budding musician in Manchester and his innovation and musical skills are appreciated but yet felt crummy. CityLife from the Northern Quarter has come up with an idea of photographing him surrounded by various hands. The CityLife photographer asks him to look frightened as if he is been strangled by the hands around him. But the problem is that Marc is not a good model and looked frightened during the photoshoot as if someone is really strangling him.

Commenting on his expression, Marc said, “I’m not very good at this sort of stuff, I hate having my photograph taken, it’s so bloody embarrassing. I’m not a very convincing actor. Is it alright if I can just be myself? Can I look, well, more deadpan?”

The Magic Arm was terms as a deadpan. The 31 year old musician is appreciated by folk musicians and electronica musicians. His music style is both adventurous and buccaneering and is a combination of both genres called Folktonica. Marc is baffled about all the attention he was given. But the truth is that he does not portray himself as a folk music icon or electronica musician.

The musician says that it is not possible to harmonize folk and electronica music. He affirms he cannot do it. But still it is the reason he stands by and this make him different. Moreover he says he does not like to be a dull songwriter and also hates to be an electronica musician sitting behind the laptop and being anoraky. According to him this also is boring. The music he creates is in between the two affirms Marc.

Magic Arm has made an impact in comparison to his previous Escape Pod psychedelic posters. They are still remembered to be the best prolific band in Manchester. Marc speaks about the misconception that Escape Pod was a lazy band. He says it was not true, because there were number of people in the band and they all had different opinions. On the contrary Magic Arm is working at a great speed.

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