Review On Magic Arm’s Bootsy Bootsy EP

Marc Riglesford is the biggest hit maker and he has been the center of attention on TV and radio. He is no lesser than Sam Beam alias Iron & Wine and the word is spreading far and wide. The five track EP is the follow up on the previous year’s Outdoor Games EP. Magic Arm as he is also known as is supported by the two versions included in the title track. The introductory track features a complete Rigelsford miracle. You can find a blast of electronic bleeps along with squelches defending their space combined with the urgent vocals.

The second part is a remix by his associate Mancunians The Real Dolls. It adds a neat contrast to the master copy. Meanwhile he gives a scope for his multi-instrumental expertise and musical genres he has mastered. The Said Things is the resonant if Badly Brawn Boy long before the pop glory happened and has peeled off the magic that came from Damon Gough’s work. The reason why Rigelsford is highly rated and praised is due to the manner in which the layers in the song are revealed gradually. His bowed down version of Daft Punk Is Playing At My House may be a curio but has managed an emotional punch which was a miss.

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