Interview With Marc Rigelsford

Magic Arm’s Marc Rigelsford follows a low key music production practices. His first release the EP was a completely recorded in his bedroom. He used the studio for his debut electro-folk fusion. But with his work Images Rolling, Marc returned to his originality by converting his home into a studio and influencing his recordings to match the environment. Images is a earthly album very nostalgic set in a melancholic yet a cheerful way. The song reflects the echoes of a house including the sound from an old piano. Marc Rigelsworth reveals his idiosyncratic recording methodologies.

Marc’s latest album has everything interesting after taking time to set up different mic techniques and using different instruments. Marc attempts to record room sounds to give a space sense to his music. His recordings are mostly done at his home. After pondering over different techniques of how melodies are written, his album was released two years later. When compared to Images Rolling, Make Lists was less electronic and Marc says that his recent accompaniment with the piano has given him lesser need to reach for electronic. He says that consciously he choose the acoustic route to get rid of the old habits.

Marc’s earlier recordings like EP and Outdoor Games were recorded at home and this gave him the bedroom artist tag. Marc says that he is comfortable creating music irrespective of the place. I also confirmed the rumors that he is presently working off his bedroom. Marc is known to play most of the instruments himself except the trumpet and the violin. He says that it is not freakery but he likes doing it as the enjoyment that comes with it is boundless despite working within restrictions it influences the production. But for Marc piano is his favorite instrument as it calls for your attention. Marc also adds that he worked with trumpeter and violinist and he was happy with the collaboration and is looking forward to more such associations in the future.

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