Images Rolling – An Intriguing Review

Standing in the living room of a country house a collection of musical odds are created. All this happened with a lone figure being the center of all this activity. The Images Rolling by Marc Riglesford, Magic Arm was created in this way. It is a embodiment of inventive and contemporary folk collection. The record cuts into psychedelic and is not just restricted to the production but promotes the feel. This is the experience that many artists want to simulate in an effortless and natural manner. Do not judge the work of Riglesford on his debut work Make List or Do Something. These were of low electronica and are known to be an interpreted version of ‘Daft Punk is Playing at my House’.

Now the scene is different, after adding more instruments presented by friends and shifting into a three storey house, the artist has given a new direction to his music creation. Intentionally, the records are soaked with influences from Pink Floyd to Arcade Fire and Simon & Garfunkel. Moreover the influence of Brian Wilson over the modern artists is seen here, especially the Smile’s creation that is portrayed both in spirit and sound. It has been reviewed that Images Rolling is similar to breezy lo fi interpretation of Friends or Smiley Smile. Not to forget the Wilson’s DIY tactics applied to the studio recording on the opener “Put Your Collar Up’. It opens with a quartet of strings followed by guitar breaks and solos from the trumpet, all this in a hummable tune.

The highlight of the album is the Warning Sign and it starts with a piano introduction but not like Sigur Ros’ Hoppipolla, as it moves into a relaxed channel supported by stairwell drums and superimposed synths and trumpets. The strongest part of the recording is the first half. The second half gives a feel that it was closed too quickly. In a sense the briefness could be an advantage especially when compared to the length of the collection like the soundtracks of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories.

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