Getting The Most Of Loop Pedal

Magic Arm, Marc Rigelsford is may not be highly popular but is making all the right noises in top places. Iron & Wine Sam Beam called him “the master of the loop pedal”. The songwriter will get more recognition with his new EP, Put Your Collar Up. In this work he has combined his skills with the songcraft. For EP Marc has worked in the confined surroundings of his home to capture the right sound to match his ideas. Magic Arm was asked to craft a brief playlist of loop pedal by Clash.

David Thomas Broughton uses Loop Pedal, a Dictaphone and guitar to come up with unique creations every time. The gigs are engaging and at the same time running and harrowing. tUne-E-yArDs uses the Loop pedal, drums and ukulele. She is capable of creating everything from the scratch and has the potential to make it impressive and exciting. Andrew Bird uses the Loop pedal, violin and guitar. His work has a lot of whistling and staccato violin. The atmosphere is fun and light. He feels happy to work in this environment. Denis Jones combines loop pedal, guitar and samplers. He knows the trick of perfectly executing the loop pedal. Using beatbox for rhythms, samplers, layered vocals and effects gives him the advantage of moving from heavy bass to subtle blues.

With Owen Pallett comes the combination of loop pedal, keyboard and violin. These are the tools used to create intense yet inspiring orchestral soundscapes.

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