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What are the Best Shoes for a Music Gig?

What are the Best Shoes for a Music GigBeing a musician is not just about having the best vocal quality. It is also about overall stage presence and ability to engage the crowd. Looking like a star is essential in captivating the audience. Hence, you must prepare your outfit well for the music gig.

Choosing the right pair of shoes is essential. The shoes must complement the entire outfit. They should also make it easier for you to move around the stage and be engaging.

How to choose the best shoes

According to the experts at ShoeFinale, comfort must come first in choosing the shoes. You might be on stage for several minutes. You want to be on top of your game during the performance with no hindrance at all. If your shoes are too tight, you might be in extreme pain. Hence, you can’t give it your best.

Your brand must also be considered in choosing the shoes. You have an image being projected to the public. There are musicians whose brand is to push things beyond the box. The likes of Lady Gaga or Katy Perry won’t settle for shoes that are simple. They must always be over the top. Other artists would rather maintain their sweet image. Hence, they would put on simpler pair of shoes that would match their simple, but classy outfit.

The right shoes

Boots are extremely common among rock stars. They make the entire look even more appealing. Others prefer simpler sneakers to make it easier for them to move around the stage. Female performers usually prefer flats to allow them to dance while singing. Others dare to wear high heels when performing as they are used to those shoes.

Focus on the performance

It helps a lot that you come out on stage looking your best. However, your performance should still be the priority. No matter how you try to look your best during the concert if your quality as a performer is way lower than what people expect, you will still receive no commendation. Practice well and determine what exactly it is that your fans want to hear from you. The outfit is just secondary.

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A Close Understanding Of The Working Style Of Magic Arm

Marc Rigelsford is a singer and songwriter and is also known as Magic Arm, his new album is due and he speaks about his latest stint. During the early days Marc mesmerized the audience with his performance all alone. His second album is due after recording in Europe and back home. Marc answers questions on his second album on how it is different from what he has done before. The album is set in a different sound.

Marc says that Magic Arm is his intention and he loves to make acoustic based music, though he did not have time to test it, he found it convenient to record the electronic music at home. While talking about venue for recording music, Marc feels that it is thrilling to play in a venue other than the circuit.

People gather to enjoy the music and it is important to make it out of the normal. Jayne of Switchflicker conducted a tour and worked towards making the gigs to be an exclusive event. The aim was to make the people enjoy the music. Marc says that the space is instrumental in creating interesting music. He says the experience was unique as he had a lot of time on hand and no neighbors to irritate.

When questioned Marc on how he felt writing a song on a piano and not a guitar, Marc says that piano offers him instrumental soundscape with less stress on songwriting. He says that guitar is comfortable when it comes to writing song but it was uninspired. Marc added that he learnt Moonlight Sonata to get a hang of the new gadget.

On a question on loop pedal, Marc says that he does not use loop pedal while recording. It is used only after the song is written and he plays it to recreate the song. He also added that loop pedal restricts his creativity and he trying to being both studio and live music together.

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