Review On Magic Arm’s Bootsy Bootsy EP

Marc Riglesford is the biggest hit maker and he has been the center of attention on TV and radio. He is no lesser than Sam Beam alias Iron & Wine and the word is spreading far and wide. The five track EP is the follow up on the previous year’s Outdoor Games EP. Magic Arm as he is also known as is supported by the two versions included in the title track. The introductory track features a complete Rigelsford miracle. You can find a blast of electronic bleeps along with squelches defending their space combined with the urgent vocals.

The second part is a remix by his associate Mancunians The Real Dolls. It adds a neat contrast to the master copy. Meanwhile he gives a scope for his multi-instrumental expertise and musical genres he has mastered. The Said Things is the resonant if Badly Brawn Boy long before the pop glory happened and has peeled off the magic that came from Damon Gough’s work. The reason why Rigelsford is highly rated and praised is due to the manner in which the layers in the song are revealed gradually. His bowed down version of Daft Punk Is Playing At My House may be a curio but has managed an emotional punch which was a miss.

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Magic Arm – Images Rolling An In-depth Review

The interpretation of Manchester Sound is portrayed as something out of date calling for no melodies and only vocal. People who are native of Manchester will be able to tell about what was representative of music in the place. If one could identify a sound spanning over the last 20 years it would be men playing loud melodies at the sides of experimental songs. It is similar to what Jim Noir, Polytechnic and Alfie have attempted and Badly Drawn Boy had to grasp it for some time. All this has been reeling in the mind of Marc Rigelsford also fondly known as Magic Arm.

The maiden album of Magic Arm was released in 2009 and it was the Make List and Do Something. It had managed to get good reviews from celebrity fans and was also TV snapshots. The downside was that the momentum failed to sustain throughout the album as it was able to create an impression in the singles. Images Rolling has the consistency and maneuvering potential giving room to the creations to stretch across the deserving space. It is perhaps the importance given to the piano in this album that naturally transforms into a ponderous mood giving scope for Magic Arm to fulfill the gap with some stunning melodies.

One of the best melodies is the Great Life that starts on a lo fi and breaks into a string-laden space loaded with melancholy and aches similar to what Grizzly Bear does. The single open the album with Put Your Collar Up that is the most gratifying of Rigelsford and has invoked a rhythmic step of chorus from the 1970s brass and strings breakdown that seems to be pulled directly from Gruff Rhys’ collection. ‘Is History’ comes with a psychedelic tinge offering ghostly harmonies collecting around the beats and organ. The ‘Warning Sign’ achieves an accomplishment similar to Sigur Ros tunes that comes with a melody.

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What are the Best Shoes for a Music Gig?

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Your brand must also be considered in choosing the shoes. You have an image being projected to the public. There are musicians whose brand is to push things beyond the box. The likes of Lady Gaga or Katy Perry won’t settle for shoes that are simple. They must always be over the top. Other artists would rather maintain their sweet image. Hence, they would put on simpler pair of shoes that would match their simple, but classy outfit.

The right shoes

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Focus on the performance

It helps a lot that you come out on stage looking your best. However, your performance should still be the priority. No matter how you try to look your best during the concert if your quality as a performer is way lower than what people expect, you will still receive no commendation. Practice well and determine what exactly it is that your fans want to hear from you. The outfit is just secondary.

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Interview With Marc Rigelsford

Magic Arm’s Marc Rigelsford follows a low key music production practices. His first release the EP was a completely recorded in his bedroom. He used the studio for his debut electro-folk fusion. But with his work Images Rolling, Marc returned to his originality by converting his home into a studio and influencing his recordings to match the environment. Images is a earthly album very nostalgic set in a melancholic yet a cheerful way. The song reflects the echoes of a house including the sound from an old piano. Marc Rigelsworth reveals his idiosyncratic recording methodologies.

Marc’s latest album has everything interesting after taking time to set up different mic techniques and using different instruments. Marc attempts to record room sounds to give a space sense to his music. His recordings are mostly done at his home. After pondering over different techniques of how melodies are written, his album was released two years later. When compared to Images Rolling, Make Lists was less electronic and Marc says that his recent accompaniment with the piano has given him lesser need to reach for electronic. He says that consciously he choose the acoustic route to get rid of the old habits.

Marc’s earlier recordings like EP and Outdoor Games were recorded at home and this gave him the bedroom artist tag. Marc says that he is comfortable creating music irrespective of the place. I also confirmed the rumors that he is presently working off his bedroom. Marc is known to play most of the instruments himself except the trumpet and the violin. He says that it is not freakery but he likes doing it as the enjoyment that comes with it is boundless despite working within restrictions it influences the production. But for Marc piano is his favorite instrument as it calls for your attention. Marc also adds that he worked with trumpeter and violinist and he was happy with the collaboration and is looking forward to more such associations in the future.

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A Close Understanding Of The Working Style Of Magic Arm

Marc Rigelsford is a singer and songwriter and is also known as Magic Arm, his new album is due and he speaks about his latest stint. During the early days Marc mesmerized the audience with his performance all alone. His second album is due after recording in Europe and back home. Marc answers questions on his second album on how it is different from what he has done before. The album is set in a different sound.

Marc says that Magic Arm is his intention and he loves to make acoustic based music, though he did not have time to test it, he found it convenient to record the electronic music at home. While talking about venue for recording music, Marc feels that it is thrilling to play in a venue other than the circuit.

People gather to enjoy the music and it is important to make it out of the normal. Jayne of Switchflicker conducted a tour and worked towards making the gigs to be an exclusive event. The aim was to make the people enjoy the music. Marc says that the space is instrumental in creating interesting music. He says the experience was unique as he had a lot of time on hand and no neighbors to irritate.

When questioned Marc on how he felt writing a song on a piano and not a guitar, Marc says that piano offers him instrumental soundscape with less stress on songwriting. He says that guitar is comfortable when it comes to writing song but it was uninspired. Marc added that he learnt Moonlight Sonata to get a hang of the new gadget.

On a question on loop pedal, Marc says that he does not use loop pedal while recording. It is used only after the song is written and he plays it to recreate the song. He also added that loop pedal restricts his creativity and he trying to being both studio and live music together.

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Images Rolling – An Intriguing Review

Standing in the living room of a country house a collection of musical odds are created. All this happened with a lone figure being the center of all this activity. The Images Rolling by Marc Riglesford, Magic Arm was created in this way. It is a embodiment of inventive and contemporary folk collection. The record cuts into psychedelic and is not just restricted to the production but promotes the feel. This is the experience that many artists want to simulate in an effortless and natural manner. Do not judge the work of Riglesford on his debut work Make List or Do Something. These were of low electronica and are known to be an interpreted version of ‘Daft Punk is Playing at my House’.

Now the scene is different, after adding more instruments presented by friends and shifting into a three storey house, the artist has given a new direction to his music creation. Intentionally, the records are soaked with influences from Pink Floyd to Arcade Fire and Simon & Garfunkel. Moreover the influence of Brian Wilson over the modern artists is seen here, especially the Smile’s creation that is portrayed both in spirit and sound. It has been reviewed that Images Rolling is similar to breezy lo fi interpretation of Friends or Smiley Smile. Not to forget the Wilson’s DIY tactics applied to the studio recording on the opener “Put Your Collar Up’. It opens with a quartet of strings followed by guitar breaks and solos from the trumpet, all this in a hummable tune.

The highlight of the album is the Warning Sign and it starts with a piano introduction but not like Sigur Ros’ Hoppipolla, as it moves into a relaxed channel supported by stairwell drums and superimposed synths and trumpets. The strongest part of the recording is the first half. The second half gives a feel that it was closed too quickly. In a sense the briefness could be an advantage especially when compared to the length of the collection like the soundtracks of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories.

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Magic Arm Photo Shoot – A Report

Marc Rigelsfor a pop icon is the budding musician in Manchester and his innovation and musical skills are appreciated but yet felt crummy. CityLife from the Northern Quarter has come up with an idea of photographing him surrounded by various hands. The CityLife photographer asks him to look frightened as if he is been strangled by the hands around him. But the problem is that Marc is not a good model and looked frightened during the photoshoot as if someone is really strangling him.

Commenting on his expression, Marc said, “I’m not very good at this sort of stuff, I hate having my photograph taken, it’s so bloody embarrassing. I’m not a very convincing actor. Is it alright if I can just be myself? Can I look, well, more deadpan?”

The Magic Arm was terms as a deadpan. The 31 year old musician is appreciated by folk musicians and electronica musicians. His music style is both adventurous and buccaneering and is a combination of both genres called Folktonica. Marc is baffled about all the attention he was given. But the truth is that he does not portray himself as a folk music icon or electronica musician.

The musician says that it is not possible to harmonize folk and electronica music. He affirms he cannot do it. But still it is the reason he stands by and this make him different. Moreover he says he does not like to be a dull songwriter and also hates to be an electronica musician sitting behind the laptop and being anoraky. According to him this also is boring. The music he creates is in between the two affirms Marc.

Magic Arm has made an impact in comparison to his previous Escape Pod psychedelic posters. They are still remembered to be the best prolific band in Manchester. Marc speaks about the misconception that Escape Pod was a lazy band. He says it was not true, because there were number of people in the band and they all had different opinions. On the contrary Magic Arm is working at a great speed.

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Getting The Most Of Loop Pedal

Magic Arm, Marc Rigelsford is may not be highly popular but is making all the right noises in top places. Iron & Wine Sam Beam called him “the master of the loop pedal”. The songwriter will get more recognition with his new EP, Put Your Collar Up. In this work he has combined his skills with the songcraft. For EP Marc has worked in the confined surroundings of his home to capture the right sound to match his ideas. Magic Arm was asked to craft a brief playlist of loop pedal by Clash.

David Thomas Broughton uses Loop Pedal, a Dictaphone and guitar to come up with unique creations every time. The gigs are engaging and at the same time running and harrowing. tUne-E-yArDs uses the Loop pedal, drums and ukulele. She is capable of creating everything from the scratch and has the potential to make it impressive and exciting. Andrew Bird uses the Loop pedal, violin and guitar. His work has a lot of whistling and staccato violin. The atmosphere is fun and light. He feels happy to work in this environment. Denis Jones combines loop pedal, guitar and samplers. He knows the trick of perfectly executing the loop pedal. Using beatbox for rhythms, samplers, layered vocals and effects gives him the advantage of moving from heavy bass to subtle blues.

With Owen Pallett comes the combination of loop pedal, keyboard and violin. These are the tools used to create intense yet inspiring orchestral soundscapes.

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